VIDEO: Muscle and Brains of the future – RPA and IBM Watson


VIDEO: Muscle and Brains of the future – RPA and IBM Watson

Robots and Artificial Intelligence make a powerful duo!
It is still quite common for customer requests to be manually transcribed from one system to another, or for entire reports to be read before arriving at a simple conclusion. This takes a lot of time and is also repetitive, especially when the volume of incoming requests increases during peak periods.

As a solution, You-Get included Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Cognitive Solutions (CS), via IBM Watson, in our product portfolio. Combined, our first successful implementations show they are the muscle and brains of the future of process optimization. Robots perform repetitive actions exactly as a person would. Cognitive software ensures understanding of unstructured information, so that the process can continue automatically. This can be done entirely autonomously or by submitting decisions to end users.

While both technologies, RPA and Cognitive Solutions, can be individually used for process optimization, their power is elevated when used in combination. While the technology is easy to apply to your processes, it is also effective in removing bottlenecks. Scalability in busy periods or the quick turn-around time expected by your customers will no longer be a challenge. In short, your processes will never be delayed because your staff is too busy.

To demonstrate the power of RPA and IBM Watson, we have included the following demonstration video. You can see how efficiently a robot accepts, analyzes and treats a client’s request, together with IBM Watson.

After seeing this combination in action, have you become enthusiastic about the possibilities of Robots and IBM Watson? Feel free to contact Hanke Dekker for a demo or informational meeting. | 020 737 02 76

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