The Awakens – Unlocking true Customer Centricity with BPM

True Customer Centricity

The Awakens – Unlocking true Customer Centricity with BPM

2016 has been another high-profile year for Salesforce. With news stories ranging from the possible acquisitions of Twitter and LinkedIn (only to be beaten by Microsoft), solid revenue growth and CEO and founder Marc Benioff thanking Kanye West for his contribution to a strong Q3. The Salesforce publicity machine has been in overdrive in 2016 as the company races to its target of becoming a $10 billion revenue company in 2017.

Salesforce’s growth has seen continued expansion of its portfolio beyond CRM, aiming to boost its Customer Centricity propositions. But through all these acquisitions, world tour events and internal developments, one item we were keen to exam further was Salesforce’s position and approach when it comes to Business Processes.

It is often hard to read between the hyperbole and headlines to obtain the facts and advice that you need. In our latest Whitepaper, we take a closer look at Salesforce’s history, current position and approach to Business Processes and workflow. We highlight the fact that Customer Centricity is tightly linked to Business Processes and that, in turn, Business Processes extend well beyond state of the art software alone. Company Culture, Governance, Strategy and Employees are all key ingredients when focusing on the Customer Experience.

We conclude that involving and listening to employee’s suggestions for improvements increases engagement. Employees are the process experts and the people that usually have the closest contact with customers. Their knowledge and insight is an asset that should be utilised. This increased engagement typically leads to a happier workforce as they feel like their opinions are valued and it gives them the opportunity to have a positive impact on their day-to-day activities. In turn, this has a benefit on the Customers as happy, engaged employees are working to improve processes and working methods, not only for their own benefit, but also that of the customer.

If you are currently considering your approach to Customer Centricity or are concerned that those around you are focusing solely on IT and not on the bigger picture, then download our Whitepaper “The Awakens – Unlocking true Customer Centricity with BPM”.

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