Trends and Development in the IT World

Trends and Development in the IT World

And what it means for Business Process Management


The way people are communicating, working, having fun and buying stuff, also changes the supporting IT world. The current customer centric economy is challenging the power of innovation of businesses. Customers expect modern, intuitive and mobile service delivery, accompanied by an optimal customer experience. That expectation therefor makes that IT also needs to aim very high.



In this dynamic world organizations are required to constantly optimize and monitor their processes during execution, in order to sustain a competitive position. Based on company goals and strategies organizations can setup processes, however also certain choices regarding the application landscape will in addition directly influence an optimal process setup.

This way business and IT are combined and brought together, and Business Process Management (BPM) concepts, technologies and their relations are applied.

In the BPM area of expertise, the way forward goes more and more faster, and becomes more and more complex. As BPM specialist and knowledge party You-Get is actively engaged into this. In this blog we share with you what are the IT trends and developments, what these mean for BPM, and provide you with a clear expert insight.


Most important IT trends and developments related to Business Process Management

From this background You-Get has listed and worked out the most important BPM related IT trends for the coming years. The following are the trends that relate to BPM, rules management and the accompanying integrations:

1.       Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the collection of changes that relate to the application of digital technology in all aspects of society. Next to a trend this is at the same time also a comprehensive “container” concept.

2.       Bi-Modal (Multispeed) IT

Bi-Modal is the support of two separate yet coherent ways of working: one aimed at predictability and one aimed at speed of innovation.

3.       Rapid Application & Model/Data Driven Development

This growing trend revolves around the use of tools to be used to very rapidly come to an application on the basis of for example data models.

4.       DevOps and Continuous Delivery

On the one hand this trend is about setting up a software development cycle to bring software live as rapidly and efficiently as possible. On the other hand, the DevOps and Continuous Delivery trend ensures that production teams and support are brought together from an organizational point of view.

5.       Microservices & API Management

Microservices are a relatively new component of the already long-term available existing SOA architecture.  A microservice is a self-contained software component that can perform a specific function for a clear purpose and corresponds via a network to other services through an agnostic protocol.

6.       Robotic Process Automation and in future Artificial Intelligence

This relates to the application of software that takes over repetitive human tasks and activities at the frontend of a process through the application of robots (software).

7.       Cognitive Business Operations

The development of Cognitive Analytics and Predictive Analytics aims at the discovery and prediction of patterns based upon both structured as well as unstructured data, the so-called dark data.


How does You-Get approaches these developments?

Since some time You-Get has her own Business Development team, that works on creating new directions in the field of BPM. This team is also responsible for the creation of working prototypes with new technologies as well as innovative thought leadership.

knowledge dev YG ENYou-Get is premier business partner of IBM and member of different Customer Advisory Councils. Upon invite of IBM, You-Get is also an active participant to the Early Design Programs of IBM in the area of BPM and rules management (ODM). We are therefore very much involved in the direction chosen to continuously develop these products as well as the functionalities supported in the newest software versions. We have regular alignment with the BPM product and development teams of IBM all over the world, and thus actively exchange information on this.

To keep up and follow these generic trends and developments in the field of BPM, BRM, RPA and Cognitive Analytics, You-Get is an active member of different forums and knowledge sharing initiatives in the area of BPM, like BPTrends, and Business Process Management Institute. Next to that You-Get participates in multiple Business, IT and Management courses in universities and colleges in the Netherlands, and various consultants of You-Get provide workshops and guest lectures.


In conclusion and as follow-up…

According to You-Get, the abovementioned seven trends and developments are the trends that will have a big impact on your business in 2017 and beyond. The coming period we will address these different trends one by one in a series of Blogs, to start with the topic “Digital Transformation”.

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