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In order to realize your BPM ambitions, You-Get advises to build your competencies internally and ensure and maintain these together in your organization. You-Get shares her knowledge and expertise with your trainees via a BPM competence management program, so they could develop to full BPM experts in your organization. Prior to a phase of intensive guidance and development of IBM BPM expertise is support and selection of the right candidates.


The IBM BPM competencies business analysis and application development are the points of focus in the program. These are the basic functionalities for realizing projects with IBM BPM in the organization.


  • 8 professional trainers with extensive and recent practical experience and IBM BPM certificates.
  • Full training offer with 11 different classical pieces of training
  • Proven concept: several customers have (partial) completed the program
  • Quick Return on Investment, an actual project will be completed during the guidance phase
  • Continuously testing with the latest releases and best practicing
  • Coaching and support will remain during the intensification phase and the expertise development

The 5 phases in a BPM Competence Management project.

Certified trainers

All You-Get trainers are certified in their training field. This means that they achieved, for example at IBM, the required certificates. This assures you of competence and quality.

Stimulates growth in BPM maturity

You-Get is your professional partner with years of experience in advising customers on Business Process Management area.

Fully relieved

BPM Competence Management consists of five phases, coached by You-get, so you get fully relieved. You can assume you will employ a good, independent working BPM specialists.

On the job coaching

A full BPM Competence Management program provides, next to classical training, intensive on the job coaching by our IBM Certified specialists.  You-Get will help you searching and selecting future BPM-experts. During the project, we professionally aiming at growth and development of the trainees.

BPM Competence Management stimulates growth in BPM Maturity

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