You-Get signs reseller agreement with Salient Process for the SPARK UI Toolkit

You-Get signs reseller agreement with Salient Process for the SPARK UI Toolkit

Compelling user experiences can only be achieved by the effective combination of business requirements, user-centered design, and app development. Improving the authoring and end-user experience for IBM BPM Coaches is then essential.

In June 2016 IBM announced an expanded partnership with Salient Process to enhance and extend the custom user interface capabilities within IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) through the application of the SPARK UI Toolkit (SPARK).  You-Get is therefore extremely pleased to now announce the reseller agreement it has signed with Salient Process to resell SPARK.

You-Get has extensively tested SPARK in comparison with other UI toolkits, and concluded it is faster than any other available product, is more user friendly and comes with a seamless upgrade for the integration into the IBM BPM product.

SPARK brings two key things to IBM BPM in order to more quickly and easily develop UIs: a comprehensive set of Coach Views, and very practical development extensions to the Coach framework to simplify UI logic.

Salient Process and IBM continue to collaborate in its ongoing development of SPARK as an essential extension to the IBM BPM offering. You-Get as both longtime business partner of IBM as well as Salient Process reseller of the SPARK UI Toolkit shall remain closely engaged with both parties.

You can use the SPARK UI Toolkit today with any V8.5.x version of IBM BPM, as well as with the Cloud version (You-Get’s own The Process Cloud offering – – or IBM BPM on Cloud).

For the official IBM announcement letter, please follow below link: