Smarter knowledge sharing starts with the SMARTer

You-Get SMARTer promotes cooperation and knowledge sharing in the organization

You-Get Smarter is a user-friendly application that promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing within the organisation. Using game-elements, the application simulates proactive knowledge sharing and collaboration between employees.

YYou-Get SMARTer is a fully modular application. It provides organisations with the ability to choose functionalities they deem necessary for their business. It is, for example, possible to leave out the shop module.


  • Nice and user-friendly application
  • Stimulating and engaging platform
  • Gamification of knowledge sharing
  • Promotes proactive collaboration

From thank you to product

Fully modular application

You-Get SMARTer is fully modular application. It allows organizations to choose features they deem necessary in their organization. For example it is possible to leave the shop module out.

Promotes proactive cooperation

The application encourages proactive collaboration between colleagues and teams. It goes beyond simply saying ‘thank you’ . Employees ask for help sooner if they actually can something give in return.

Transparany in transactions

Users of You-Get SMARTer can see all transactions of their colleagues. In this way, the system provides complete transparency and inspire and encourage employees.

Easily ask for help

Both users and management simply can place requests for help in the application where users can respond to. In this way, knowledge and proactive behavior promoted within the organization.


You-Get SMARTer:


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