Robotic Process Automation


Together with UiPath and You-Get, you have an arsenal of robots for faster automation of front and back-office processes

With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), you use a computer (robot) to control existing process software, the same way a person would handle those systems. RPA is suitable for organizations that do repetitive work on a large scale to keep their processes running. Robots take over repetitive tasks at a fraction of the cost of using manpower. This leaves more time for business innovation and increases profitability. UiPath robots are programmed to run processes in your applications based on defined rules. They can work independently on a VM in a data center (back office robot) or share a desktop with an employee (front-office robot).

Robots are 100% accurate, ensuring a reduction in human error. Exceptions can automatically forward them to experts for quick processing. UiPath software robots perform perfect automation regardless of which data source they have to work with. You-Get is an expert in implementing Robotic Process Automation in your processes. UiPath is suitable for IBM BPM, SAP, legacy systems and cloud and web-based applications. All kinds of documents can be read and written.

Software robots use user interface as people:

  • Automate for increased efficiency and speed
  • Keep your existing (legacy) systems
  • Save costs on FTE
  • No more backlogs in peak periods
  • Your processes will be running 24/7 365 days a year
  • Suitable for front office & back office processes
  • Based on rules, no supervision required
  • Data can not be lost due to human errors
  • Watch the video on invoice processing with RPA here. While RPA can be applied to a number of finance and accounting operations, invoice processing is a prime example of the technology’s potential for driving efficiency. RPA software robots can automate data input, error reconciliation, and some of the decision-making required by finance staff when processing invoices. At the same time, automation is able to limit errors in such processes and reduce the need for manual exception handling. Please take a look at how UiPath’s Enterprise RPA Platform can be used end-to-end to move an invoice from receipt to payment in a matter of minutes.

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Robotic Process Automation eliminates human errors, as robots are not limited in their ability to concentrate and do not make mistakes in calculations. When a robot encounters a task that does not fall within its rules or parameters, it is automatically forwarded to a team that handles exceptions. You-Get helps you configure and prepare these rules.


Robotic labor can be as big or as small as you want it to be. Additional robots can be rolled out quickly (automatically) without incurring additional costs. It is even possible, at busy times, to put hundreds or even thousands of robots at work at times when there is a peak in the workload.

Lower costs, improved speed

On average, a robot costs about a third compared to one FTE. In addition to the obvious benefit in costs, robots do not need a break, never get sick and you do not lose any investment in secondary employment conditions. In fact, the robots that You-Get put to work for you work 24/7, 365 days a year.

Insight and Analysis

Robotic Process Automation software is designed so that all data collected on performance can be used to improve processes. You know at all times what your robots are doing, how many tasks they perform, how many exceptions there are, and so on. The You-Get experts are your partner in using this data to identify bottlenecks and to streamline processes.


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You-Get is an expert in implementing RPA software. With our team as your partner, hundreds if not thousands of robots can start working for you. As such, a return on investment is sure to be achieved. We are happy to talk to you about how you can benefit.

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