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5 Reasons for combining ERP and BPM

In a continuously changing world, it is structurally demanding for companies to create sustainable competitiveness. Challenges range from internal organizational changes, new competitors offering lower costs and shorter lead-times, customers who expect products and services to be delivered straight away and increasing demands for compliancy, regulation and transparency. At the same time, it is essential to differentiate in order to maintain and increase market share. When a company wants to take on these kinds of challenges, it needs an application landscape that optimally supports chosen working methods and strategies.

How to bring business in control of processes

Companies have many processes. Some of them are complex and they frequently form the beating heart of the organization. However, every organization also has a number of simple processes in place. Most of the time an organization focus on the complex processes. But a lack of focus on simple processes is a risk for every organization, profit or non-profit. Simple processes form the majority of the processes within an organization. They often outnumber the complex and relatively complex processes by far. Without solid support processes will lack manageability, measurability, flexibility, efficiency, etc..


The Process Cloud: BPM for every organization

The Process Cloud, the cloud based BPM solution of You-Get, allows its users to start small and grow big and removes the burden of setting up and maintaining an enterprise BPM solution. A new environment can be up and running within a day, without setup costs, and can easily be scaled when usage increases. The pricing model makes the cost of using The Process Cloud predictable. The preinstalled applications and asset marketplace make it possible to have a process running within only a couple of days.


The Awakens - Unlocking true Customer Centricity with BPM

Salesforce’s growth has seen continued expansion of its portfolio beyond CRM, aiming to boost its Customer Centricity propositions. But through all these acquisitions, world tour events and internal developments, one item we were keen to exam further was Salesforce’s position and approach when it comes to Business Processes.



Digital insurance in 2016

You-Get has optimised the following processes within ABN AMRO Insurance:

  • Document management
  • Application and acceptance process
  • Claims handling
  • Complaints process

The above processes are implemented for both Private and Corporate Damage, implemented in IBM BPMS. This leads to processes being completed much faster, more efficiently and more easily.

Successful Customer & Invoicing with BPMs

Vitens strives to be the best service provider in the Netherlands at the lowest total cost per connection. You-Get automated the customer processes, giving Vitens full end-to-end visibility into process performance. Vitens is now capable of continuously improving its business and now has the flexibility to efficiently execute change. The dependency on SAP has greatly reduced as well as its processing times.

Risks completely under control

Within this financial banking organisation, there is a continued awareness of corporate governance and gaining clear insight into compliance with all relevant regulations. The main drivers here are:

  • Obtaining a Letter of Representation
  • Verifiable and adequate controls and actions to mitigate the main risks
  • Strengthening internal controls to preserve good business
  • Compliance with the regulations of external agencies and supporting organisational ambitions for growth

End-to-End Optimising primary processes

In replacing the old ERP system, the customer seized the opportunity to implement an overall process of change. The customer now handles more orders with fewer staff and customer satisfaction has increased dramatically over the past period.

Significant increase in customer satisfaction

Through IBM BPM, the life insurance application process is now optimised. Success depended on implementing the Straight Through Processing (STP) as much as possible. Plenty of attention was also given to digital communication towards the customer and obtaining a policy without using a single sheet of paper.


IBM BPM Invoice Approval Process

You-Get AppTester

Introducing Business Process Management and You-Get

IBM BPM on SAP animation.