Project Management with Business Process Management

You-Get offers control over your BPM-implementation

You-Get has extensive ‘Agile’ experience and the know-how to manage change in projects. One of the most common project approaches is SCRUM, a methodology that is part of the basic expertise and skill set of You-Get. Projects are carried out according to Agile/Scrum.

Confidence in the team is very important when it comes to a Scrum approach. Decisions can be made quickly based on trust in the team and each other. Scrum provides the opportunity to adequately respond to changes. Progress information is made available to everyone and obstacles are openly discussed. The different processes are iterative and live, whereby continuous improvement cycles are also developed.

You-Get can advise and assist in projects or the entire project management implementation including, but not limited to, the areas of process development and implementation, application integration or application development projects.

Project Management characteristics:

  • The You-Get Project Manager is responsible for monitoring the risks
  • The You-Get Project Manager is responsible for the progress and quality
  • You-Get project management has a proactive attitude within the client organisation and towards the various customer ‘stakeholders’ and departments involved
  • The SCRUM methodology is part of the basic expertise and skill of You-Get

Extensive experience

A successful implementation of change is made possible with You-Get’s extensive Project Management and Agile/SCRUM experience with complex environments and different stakeholders. This provides control over planning, organisation and resourcing.

Integrated approach

The You-Get project management monitors the overall process and approach of the different dimensions included in the 360° Business Services Approachu2122: ICT/Systems, Processes, BPM Organisation & Governance, Organisation, Strategy and Culture.

SCRUM/Agile methodology

The SCRUM/Agile methodology is part of our core expertise. The development and construction projects are short-cyclical and iteratively carried out according to this methodology. A continual collaboration between You-Get and the client organisation is a precondition for success.

360º Business Services Approach

You-Get integrated the process-based project management and control in their own proven 360º Business Services Approach. This could be combined with known project management techniques such as PRINCE2

Let Business Process Management be successful

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