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In its search for a new ERP system, a customer ultimately chose a BPM solution. You-Get automated and optimised all the primary processes, and now the customer has a total supply chain solution for the primary business operational process: from a quote or order, to delivery and invoicing. The entire chain is also extended with add-ons such as real-time integration with 10+ webshops, CRM, Purchasing and 24/7 Track & Trace functionality.

In order to support the processes in the right way, IBM BPM as the beating heart of the organisation replaces the old ERP system. In doing so, orders are handled much more efficiently.

Key achievements

  • Automatic processing (Straight Through Order Processing)
  • Paperless office
  • Customer-specific real-time rates and/or demands possible (including webshops)
  • Improved customer journey

In replacing the old ERP system, the customer seized the opportunity to implement an overall process of change. The customer now handles more orders with fewer staff and customer satisfaction has increased dramatically over the past period.

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Automatic processing

A sales order is automatically processed as soon as it comes in. The BPMS determines whether an order can be automatically delivered. Should it need modification, the relevant department is notified.

Customer-specific requirements and desires

Procurement has become the standard. The customers of the warehouses have numerous customer-specific requirements and desires as a result. The implemented (BPM) solution provides plenty of flexibility and oversight so that processes, billing information, prices, etc. can be easily made in a customer-specific manner. A pricing mechanism based entirely on business rules to calculate real-time rates that can be adjusted at any time.

Paperless office

In a paperless working environment, the transfer of work is automated and digitised as much as possible. It is no longer necessary to walk to another department with paper prints. Orders can be processed 100% paperless.


Improved customer journey

Through the BPM solution, all relevant order and billing information for the customer is available online. Complaints, returns, etc. can all be linked to a specific order, so that a response can be quickly provided.

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