Vitens / BPMS for Customer & Invoicing

Successful Customer & Invoicing with BPMs

Vitens strives to be the best service provider in the Netherlands at the lowest total cost per connection. You-Get automated the customer processes with our Contact Center Solution through the deployment of IBM BPM (v8.5.7), giving Vitens full end-to-end visibility into process performance. Vitens is now capable of continuously improving its business and now has the flexibility to efficiently execute change. The dependency on SAP has greatly reduced as well as its processing times.

Key achievements

  • Handling work 30% faster
  • Increase in customer and employee satisfaction
  • Insight in end-to-end process performance
  • Speed of implementation almost 60% faster than in similar change processes

The successful implementation of Business Process Management was awarded in 2013 at Vitens with a Global Award for Excellence in BPM and Workflow. The jury praised the approach of You-Get which had a view of all aspects of the organization.


Margin increase

Vitens has a geographically defined service area with a corresponding customer base of over 5 million and fixed rates. Vitens benefited from a margin increase as a result of the profound cost reductions implemented during the BPM project. In addition, customer satisfaction and efficiency has increased demonstrably, which is a good success indicator of the shift from a task-oriented to a customer-orientated work method.


Attained efficiency, speed and quality in processes:

Processes have become more efficient with the use of IBM BPM, delivering speed and quality. Vitens now has a flexible and efficient matrix organisation with real-time process monitoring and continuous insight into process performance. With this, Vitens can keep advancing forward.


Cost savings

The transaction time was reduced from an average of 4 minutes to 20 seconds and the number of unnecessary phone contacts by 52,000 annually. This led to an FTE reduction of 300 FTEs to 248 FTEs within the BPMS project.


Single point of contact

One individual can now handle an entire case. Transfers between departments or teams are hardly necessary any more, whereby the overall quality has increased. Customer satisfaction and efficiency at Vitens has thereby also increased demonstrably.

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