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Risks completely under control

For this bank, You-Get implemented a complete Risk and Control solution. The functionality is very versatile and can vary from reporting operating risks through to the implementation of Compliance control measures.

Another element the solution provides is the ability for a user to register the identified risks and associated controls. Additionally, they can perform assessments, report back and execute the consequent (periodic) actions via a workflow. This solution also includes an Incident Registration & Approval workflow, to which the necessary actions and owners can be linked. The solution has user authorisations based, among others, on roles and can easily be connected to other (reporting) systems.

The Risk and Control Management Information System is built into IBM BPM(S) and supports the specification of risks, controls and monitoring actions to different locations, departments and business units.

Key achievements

  • Improved data quality and reporting
  • Improved and simplified risk assessments
  • Incident handling
  • Periodic ‘Key Controls’

IBM BPM is advanced software that adheres to the high standards of the financial industry in accordance with data security and privacy. This way you always have full control over all processes. Reporting of operating risks and executing Compliance control measures are therefore more complete and comprehensible.


Improved data quality and reporting

All data (from all locations) within the implemented solution is centrally recorded with the necessary validation to ensure data quality. With the associated reports, the latest status can always be requested ad-hoc.


Incident handling

All Rabobank employees can report incidents within the implemented solution. Depending on the nature of the incident, it ends up in a workflow and reaches the right persons in the organisation. This improves the speed, the overview and insight into potential bottlenecks.


Improved and simplified risk assessments

There is total connection between defined risks, controls, indicators and necessary actions. Using this complete overview, risk assessments can be established better and more easily.


Periodic ‘Key Controls’

From the process solution, ‘Key Controls’ and ‘Monitoring Actions’ are periodically sent to the appropriate persons in the organisation. These are then handled with the required validation and recorded.

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