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Significant increase in customer satisfaction

Delta Lloyd Life and You-Get have together optimised the life insurance policy (ORV) application process with our Insurance Automated Policy Request Solution through the deployment of IBM BPM (v8.5.7). These are now handled completely by Straight Through Processing (STP). In many cases, the application can now be completed within 7 minutes.

Together with You-Get, Delta Lloyd has already successfully optimised three processes. For each process, the best method of cooperation between customers, partners and the internal organisation is first devised and then created using IBM BPM.

Key achievements

  • Straight Through Processing
  • Digital policies
  • Significant reduction in time
  • Real-time process information

For the Delta Lloyd Group, deployment and use of BPM is part of a larger picture: focussing on customer interests. It involves a different way of thinking about company processes and provides a platform in which important themes, such as label and compliance issues, are better implemented.

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Straight Through Processing

The ORV application process is completed based on the principal of Straight Through Processing (STP), meaning it is possible to fully process applications automatically.

Application without signature

Customers no longer need to physically request, sign and receive a policy. As this is fully digital, the applications can now be processed much faster.


Digital policies

Due to the policy being sent to the customer via e-mail, it is received much faster. Furthermore, it contributes to the transformation of Delta Lloyd to a digital, paperless insurer.

Real-time process information

In BPM, the optimal implementation of a process comes first and the required process content afterwards. Through this method, BPMS employees can at any moment, from any location, see the total customer case.

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