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ABN AMRO Insurance

Insurance Claims and Document Management Solution

By implementing IBM BPMS processes, it is possible to raise Digital insurance within AAV to a higher status, whereby the customer can now take out insurance quicker and with less hassle. Communication between AAV and the customer is fully digital so the customer always knows where he or she stands. In other words: Straight Through Processing.

Key achievements

  • Digital insurance
  • Paperless work
  • Real-time process information
  • Straight Through Processing (STP)

ABN AMRO Insurance is part of the Delta Lloyd group but has its own Mission, Vision and Strategy.

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Digital insurance

AAV now works entirely digital, able to apply STP properly as a result. Employees can even work independent of location as all processes are handled online.

Real-time process information

The processes are implemented in BPMS: the processes and tasks are displayed real-time in BPMS, the employee has insight into all ongoing and completed processes and tasks at all times. This results in a total overview of the client profile.

Paperless work

AAV now has a paperless work method, all files are digitally stored and all communication with the customer is done digitally as well.

Straight Through Processing

The Request, Acceptance, Claims and Complaints processes are all handled without AAV employee involvement. This leads to a faster and more efficient handling and processing of requests, acceptance, claims and complaints.

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