Looking for smarter and more efficient processes? Learn about the cognitive expertise of You-Get in combination with the power of IBM Watson

For many organizations, the manual processing of incoming data, such as customer letters, e-mails or reports, is an important part of the work process. Processing these documents is often an inefficient and time-consuming matter involving several employees. Cognitive Solutions (CS) allows you to optimize these traditionally manual activities. For example, by using IBM Watson Developer Cloud and IBM Watson Explorer, cognitive actions can be simulated and partially or fully automated.


A significant part of the information that organizations deal with is unstructured. This usually concerns information created by people, for people. Unstructured information often contains human, complex and ambiguous language and is therefore difficult to analyze. With IBM Watson Explorer it is possible to analyze human language, taking into consideration linguistic properties, conceptual relations and context. The power of the product – the processing of large amounts of unstructured information – can be used effectively to automatically analyze, classify, index and summarize documents, thereby optimizing work processes.

Cognitive Solutions Make Human Expertise Infinitely Scalable

  • Seamless connection to BPMS (IBM BPM)
  • Save costs on FTE
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Quickly analyze large amounts of data (IoT sensor data)
  • IBM Watson, working as your digital process assistant
  • Based on existing rules and examples
  • Unique competitive advantage in analytical capacity
  • Click on the image to view our video about You-Get and IBM Watson Content Analytics. You can see how you can use IBM Watson to analyze and interpret unstructured information to make better decisions, faster.

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When manual tasks of repetitive nature are prone to errors and subjectivity, You-Get and IBM Watson provide the same quality and objectivity, regardless of the amount of work. With higher-quality services, you achieve higher customer satisfaction.


In busy times, the expertise of IBM Watson can be scaled to meet demand. Thus, it is not necessary to employ external forces, and quality and lead time are maintained.

Time Saving

Processing large amounts of information is a process that often involves many people and departments. IBM Watson makes it possible to speed up processes by automating time-consuming parts, including reading, classifying and interpreting large amounts of information.

Quality Improvement

Cognitive analysis and the automation of inefficient and time-consuming human tasks makes it possible to deliver higher-quality services. Your employees will be freed up to work on things where actual value can be added. With the Cognitive Solutions from You-Get and IBM Watson, you can serve your customers faster and with higher quality results.


You-Get Cognitive Solutions

Watson Expert Advice

Through years of experience with IBM products, the specialists at You-Get know exactly
where Watson can be used in your organization

Watson Implementation

The IBM Watson Portfolio consists of many
different products. You-Get
knows exactly what suits you best.

Watson Training

After Watson implementation, we train your
end-users and developers
in how to optimize and adjust

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You-Get is an expert in implementing Watson Content Analytics & IoT. As a partner with our team, you can quickly make your processes cognitive or produce analysis, providing new insights. A return on investment is guaranteed. We are happy to talk to you about exactly how you can benefit.

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