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Change Management at Business Process Management

Process-based approach to change management

It is often known what severely lacks within an organization and the steps needed in order to introduce change. But where do you start? How do you manage control over this? When it comes to your initiatives for change, You-Get experts are able to provide sound advice and propose specific solutions in a change plan.

Change management is included in the 360° approach that You-Get uses in its methodology. Within our 360° approach, we use many methods and techniques and have a comprehensive package of additional resources to support your change initiatives.

Change Management at You-Get:

  • Change Management: maintaining control of all the changes with proper consistency
  • Consistency: define who you are and your abilities as a company, where you want to go and where you are now
  • Changes are made apparent to ensure these can be monitored and adjusted if and when necessary
  • Adjustments are made iteratively, just as the development of the changes. This results in a flexibility which makes it possible to anticipate change.

Proven successful

During a change process at reference client Vitens, You-Get deployed the skills for change management for a complete BPM process, including setting up a process organization (process teams, steering group, and CoE), setting up the governance and implementing a BPMS.

Process-based approach

You-Get believes in consistency and a process-based approach. Processes and necessary process changes take the lead in each initiative. Not changing for the sake of changing, but because processes secure organizational goals and thus achieve objectives.

Include culture change plan

Within the dimensions of Strategy and Culture, preparing a change plan is regarded as a practical activity. This way it is also included in the project implementation as deliverable.

Cooperation is essential

Cooperation during product implementation and building a partnership with the customer is essential. This approach ensures that BPM is secured and understood on all levels of the organisation. The organisation will, as a result, gain insight into the entire value chain and be able to react to process improvement.

Change your organization with a process-based approach

We applied Change Management at:

Koopman International

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