Business Process Management QuickScan

Tune your BPM approach on your organization

In the Quick Scan, we jointly determine the BPM maturity of your organisation and prepare the start of the project together. This allows for the following products to be delivered: drafting of project management plans, drafting of architecture document, advice arrangement of the Center of Excellence and drafting of a training plan.

During a Quick Scan, we place your organisation under the microscope in order to provide you with practical guidelines to improve. The Quick Scan is free when starting a BPM project with us.

In a Business Process Management QuickScan we:

  • Define Architecture
  • Test Process Framework
  • Define Center of Excellence
  • Define Training Courses

Tijdens een Business Process Management QuickScan brengen wij aan de hand van onze 360° aanpak uw organisatie in kaart

The right starting point

By using the Quick Scan, the right starting point is outlined so any preparations already made can be included. In doing so, the project can efficiently be started in all its relevant dimensions.

Based on ‘best practices’

Via the Quick Scan, You-Get utilizes our experiences gained from previous customers. This way a ‘best practices’ approach is safeguarded.

Short lead time

Our experts implement the Quick Scan in two weeks. Thanks to its short-cyclical nature, it quickly becomes clear where the strengths are as well as the points for improvement. This way we can directly proceed to firm and targeted action.

Quick results

With You-Get’s Quick Scan, you get sound advice and a customized plan. This allows you to directly deploy process optimization in small, manageable steps whereby your organization can benefit from all the advantages of BPM.


We applied our QuickScan at:

Koopman International
BPM Volwassenheidsmodel

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