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Take control with IBM BPM.

IBM BPM is an integrated process management platform, focussed on executing, analysing and improving end-to-end business processes. The scalable IBM BPM solution supports process design, simulation, implementation, monitoring, reporting and optimisation. The easy to develop process applications enable your organisation to quickly adapt to its changing environment.

IBM’s BPM Software offers you:

  • Extensive integration options
  • Flexible process applications
  • Controling processes
  • Insight in your process performance
  • Easily scalable to more users or processes

How IBM BPM helped Vitens

Insight and Control

Real-time visibility into end-to-end processes increases control over the organisation and forms the basis for streamlining the organisational processes. IBM BPM provides an ideal base for identifying and exploiting opportunities for improvement.

Simple management

Management from the Process Center, development area and asset repository make it possible to easily process, manage, monitor and apply the process applications.

Efficiency thanks to integration

IBM BPM provides integration tools for services, data transformations and BPEL arrangement. IBM BPM supports the integration of various applications and backend systems, resulting in improved efficiency for the organisation.

Always & everywhere working

IBM BPM enables users to work anytime, anywhere. Both process design and optimisation, as well as performing tasks is possible on a desktop computer, smartphone and tablet.


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