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Organizations who control their business process are able to react quickly and flexible on market changes. Through this, they achieve better business results. Companies see more and more the usefulness of securing Business Process Management in their organization. This leads to a demand for a combination of trainers and experts who train the organization in controlling BPM themselves.


You-Get’s Business Training offering teach you the business competence you need to make your Business Process Management project a huge success.  Our miscellaneous trainings teach you how to analyze, optimize and redesign your processes in your organization. But also the place of BPM in an organization.


Process Analysis and Design

How well are processes performing in your organization and why is that? This training gives you the knowledge and skills you need at a first analyze route. Also, the opportunities of identifying, analyzing and documenting processes will be addressed.


  • What is Business Process Management
  • Process Mapping
  • Process Design and Analysis
  • Information Analysis
  • Practical exercises
Process improvement and implementation

This training is a continuation on ‘Process Analysis and Design’. In this course, process improvement and implementation are the points of focus. You learn how to monitor results and how to discover points of improvement. Besides, you are able to identify the most important business processes in the organization and you know how to head for continuous improvement.


  • Process Quality Management
  • Benchmarking
  • Process improvement tools and techniques
  • BPM Centre of Excellence
  • Project planning, monitoring and change management
BPMN Training

BPMN stands for Business Process Model and Notation. During this training, you will learn techniques for process modeling and for presenting these graphically in a process diagram. These are the basic, which are required to start with process management.


  • Fully informed on BPMN 2.0
  • Comparable with UML
  • Understandable default notation for all stakeholders
  • Intuitive, for non-technical students as well
Process Architecture

Designing a great process for your business depends on the creation of a good, well-thought architecture. You learn how to translate the organizational goals to specific processes and how to identify optimization changes herein.


  • Setting a framework for shaping processes
  • Learn how to distinguish processes
  • Identify coherence between processes
  • Modeling business processes

You get personal attention from a certified trainer during a training.

Certified trainers

All You-Get trainers are certified in their training field. This means that they achieved, for example at IBM, the required certificates. This assures you of competence and quality.

Location: at your place or at us

You can attend training at our nice training location in Watergang. We are happy to host our training in the BPM Barn. We could also give training at your office or at an event venue.

Group discount

We are able to give a discount if you would attend a training with a group of at least 8 participants. There is a limit of 15 participants. This gives you the opportunity to lower your costs.

Target Audience: Business Analysts

The BPM Business Training Offering is intended for a business analyst who would like to actively work with process analysis, design, improvement and/or implementation. You will benefit from some experience with BPM ( process management ) or attend one of our introduction trainings.


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Didn’t find the training you’re looking for, but enthusiastic about our training possibilities? We offer tailormade training as well. Take a look at our tailor made training page or contact us. We’ll discuss how we can meet your training request.

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