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Business Process Management is there to improve your organisation’s processes, reduce costs and ensure that the IT department is better suited to the business. Cloud solutions reduce IT costs as there is no need to invest in hardware, licenses or maintenance. In addition, all concerns regarding infrastructure and management are fully taken care of.


You-Get brings these benefits together in The Process Cloud, making BPM accessible for each and every organisation. This new vision on IT ensures that organisations can steer new business models towards growth, increase profit margins and achieve their strategic objectives more efficiently.

you-get all your processes in to the cloud

The Process Cloud in 7 key points:


  • No investment in hardware, licenses or maintenance
  • Quick start with turnkey processes
  • Your own complete DTAP environment live within one day
  • Easily scalable; new servers, additional environments, processes and applications are live within minutes
  • Dedicated support team to assist you and complete access to the BPM consulting services from You-Get experts
  • Your data anywhere via a secure (VPN) Internet access and fully hosted on European servers
  • Expandable with IBM BPM Advanced, Content Manager, Case Manager and IBM ODM

icon-whitepaper Whitepaper: BPM for every organisation

More and more companies are considering a cloud solution. The following white paper explains step by step what BPM as a Service is and what the benefits are.

We will then clearly show how BPM and The Process Cloud, with the additional assets, can be used to expand your organisation responsibly and operate more efficiently.

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The Process Cloud is extremely cost-effective. You pay what you actually use on a monthly basis, calculated based on the number of users and the number of processes. . This makes The Process Cloud easily scalable – both upward and downward – and as predictable, and therefore cost-effective, for you as possible.



You-Get makes starting with BPM simple by offering turnkey solutions in the form of processes and applications. Together with The Process Cloud for example, you get direct access to SPRINTer, our powerful process automation tool. This enables you to have your first trial live within 1 day.



The Process Cloud uses IBM Stack solutions.The IBM Stack is composed of the IBM SoftLayer platform, Pure App Services with pattern functionality and of course IBM BPM software.

Our customers have access to a complete DTAP Street, secured with VPN and hosted in the Netherlands.




The Process Cloud is not only scalable in terms of usage, but in various environments as well. If you have a hybrid cloud model wherein you would like the development and test environment to take place, but the acceptance and production within your own network, The Process Cloud can be simply catered to this request. You will have your very own development environment in The Process Cloud in one day.

BPM as a Service


IBM BPM enables effective design, implementation, monitoring and improvement for a vast amount of process applications: from straight through processing to dynamic, unstructured processes.

You-Get SPRINTer

The SPRINTer offers business control over simple and unstructured processes. Without IT intervention, you can easily create and structure processes, with flexibility and efficiency as the main objectives.


The You-Get APPTESTer is a specialised application that brings structure to your IBM BPM testing efforts. By recording test scenario’s and testcases, and performing these on each release, the quality of the testing work is guaranteed.


You-Get Smarter is a user-friendly application that promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing within the organisation. Using game-elements, the application simulates proactive knowledge sharing and collaboration between employees.

Ibm odm

IBM Operational Decision Management offers control over business rules, events and operational decisions. IBM ODM facilitates a more efficient decision-making process and increases the organisation’s flexibility.

Organisations that already benefit from our solutions

Pleijsier Bouw

Pleijsier Bouw (Construction) has optimized its processes in IBM BPM. They are hosted on The Process Cloud by You-Get.


Equens uses The Process Cloud as a platform to test its processes before they bring them into production.

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

De Hogeschool van Amsterdam has used The Process Cloud to use the You-Get SPRINTer to support classes in Business Process Analysis.


Want to know more?

We would like to show you how you can achieve a fast return on invest. Please contact one of our team members at You-Get to schedule a noncommittal meeting in which we discuss how to optimize your processes.

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