Facilitate error handling and recovery with APPCORRECT

You-Get AppCorrect extends your current IBM BPM environment with advanced error handling. End-users receive uniform and understandable error messages and managers will be informed proactively. Managers will have multiple tools to recover errors with a generic approach and to continue the process instances. Besides this, AppCorrect offers insights in the current number of open issues and resolving times.

You-Get AppCorrect is built in IBM BPM Software and can be installed on every IBM BPM environment from 8.5.7. and up. The comprehensive functionality concerning error handling will be available as toolkit in the BPM repository and could easily be used in existing applications as such.

APPCORRECT stands for:

  • Simple principle; just install a toolkit
  • Most effective IBM BPM Error Handling
  • Proactively signal and handle errors


Simple connection with BPM applications

You-Get AppCorrect consists of a process application and a toolkit. The toolkit can be used to connect AppCorrect to existing or new BPM Applications. The tasks concerning the error handling and processing show clearly in the AppCorrect process application and can be handled by the appropriate team.

Easier error recovery

AppCorrect offers an expansion on the standard built-in error handling in IBM BPM. This simplifies and accelerates error correction, through the practice of proactively informing of the error-handling team.

Better insights

Errors will not get lost with AppCorrect. Every error will be registered and appear as a task for the appropriate team. By using the standard IBM BPM performance dashboards, it is easy to get insights in open issues and resolving times.

Benefit of little errors

With effective collection and rapid handling of process errors (failed instances), your process will experience fewer delays. This will lower your (support) costs and will increase customer satisfaction as customers experience less delay in their encounter. Besides this, you will learn to handle regular errors in an uniform way and it will give you insights into process improvement opportunities, as regularly occurring errors can be corrected by changes to the process.


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