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The innovative solutions of our 360 degree approach enable our customers to achieve process excellence

There is an undeniable relationship between excellence in processes and great business results. Business Process Management is the perfect way to achieve this link. It is You-Get’s mission to be an influential, respected and appreciated advisor of the highest calibre. We love our work and we will not stop until our customers have achieved their objectives.


We help your company achieve its goals and solve its problems by overcoming challenges head-on. We do this by helping your organization improve its process maturity and organizational structure. Founded in 2007, You-Get is a family-owned Amsterdam-based Business Process Consultancy company. We have over 70 highly-skilled employees that help our clients on their journey to process excellence, whether it be in process methodology, improvements, change management or complete process automation. We’d love to hear about your challenges and goals, and look forward to continuing a conversation.


You-Get developed the 360° approach as a holistic, modular method for organisations to grow towards process maturity. This way we move away from the traditional separation between different departments. With our approach, we ensure that all dimensions, including Process, ICT, Culture, Communication and Management, receive the proper attention. You-Get ensures that customers receive timely access to the relevant information and systems, allowing them to control their processes. We furthermore pay attention to company culture and the successful deployment and acceptance of the process-oriented way of working. The end result is a powerful and innovative company that is successful with its clients.

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ALL HANDS ON DECK (our people)

Excellent service covers more than just good software or methodology. You-Get sets a high benchmark for its own people, processes and standards. With this, we can properly serve our customers. We have a team of professionals who are willing to go the extra mile. We strive to pair up the best people with our customers and vice versa, with our Human Capital programme as a cornerstone. Our focus is on the progression of Leadership and Learning & Development, enabling employees to continuously improve themselves and to excel in their work.

Our people are our greatest asset and our services are of high value due to the quality of the people who run them.


Management Team


Hanke Dekker

Chief Executive Officer

Hans van Krevel

Chief Technology & Finance Officer

Annelies Kobus

Chief Operations Officer


Over 70 proud and loyal employees work at You-Get, spread across the Netherlands with a team of developers in Vietnam. Close to 100% of our employees have at least one certificate related to our services. Together, the You-Get team boasts 17 different nationalities and more than 500,000 hours in IBM BPM and IBM ODM development. At You-Get, a substantial amount of time is invested in innovation and business development. You-Get has a very low turnover in staffing.


  • 2002 Hans comes into contact with BPM
  • 2007 You-Get is founded in Bergen
  • 2008 Gedempt Hamerkanaal office
  • 2010 10 employees
  • 2010 IBM Premium Business Partner
  • 2011 Watergang office
  • Cooperation with Vietnam begins
  • 2012 eye on sustainability: CSR Masters
  • NL DOET, mierenhotel (ant-farm) 2013, asylum seekers 2014
  • 2013 and 2014 WFMC awards
  • Customer Days since 2014
  • 2014 Very own support team
  • 2015 foundation dedicated Bus Dev team to drive innovation
  • 2015 50 employees
  • 2015 fd gazelle
  • 2015 Early Design Programme
  • 2015 2nd Dutch location in Amsterdam
  • 2016 YG works with Stichting Jarige Job (Jarige Job Foundation)


For You-Get, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means, in addition to the pursuit of profit (Profit), to also keep an eye out for the impact of its activities on people in and outside the company (People) and the environment (Planet). Our employees drive energy-efficient vehicles when and where possible and handle depreciated hardware considerately. The better the balance between these 3 Ps, the more durable the results for both company and society are as a whole. You-Get is proud to contribute its fair share outside of its core business. In 2016 for example, the entire team were involved in contributing to Stichting Jarige Job (Jarige Job Foundation) to help children living in poverty celebrate their birthday.

You-Get makes use of the CSR Monitor in order to achieve its ambition for sustainability. We regard entrepreneurship as a process and that is why we incorporate sustainable applications, such as the CSR Maturity Model, as part of our service. This ensures that our customer too achieve CSR maturity.


You-Get specialises in Business Process Management while also acknowledging the complexity of today’s business. In order to fully service our customers, we also cooperate with other players in the market through partnerships.