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You-Get uses an iterative way of process software development in combination with continuous interaction with end users. You-Get uses elements of Test Driven Development and Scrum/Agile in its (BPMS) development method. Every project yet to be developed consists of multiple iterations. And within each iteration, an iterative development cycle takes place (design, build, test, adjust and re-design, build, test, etc.) until the desired result is achieved.


You-Get provides advice upon installation of BPM software and takes care of the setup and integration of the process software. In consultation with the client, the design and structure is taken into account and in accordance with the existing ICT architecture. A key element is the integration of the BPM software with the existing (model learning) environment and the link to other relevant systems, including any migration paths.


You-Get supervises its projects from analysis to technical implementation including the provision of management after the project (maintenance and support) according to customer wishes. You-Get has built a professional and flexible service support department to provide SLA driven support 24/7 in order to sustain this process software management.

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  • You-Get pays a great deal of attention to Innovation and Business Development;
  • You-Get is provider of the IBM BPM and IBM ODM software product;
  • You-Get is industry leader for IBM BPM deployment processes in the Netherlands;
  • You-Get has numerous certified specialists who speak Dutch;
  • As a knowledge partner, You-Get has invested in hundreds of thousands of hours in BPM development;
  • You-Get has a keen eye for the development and deployment of renewable and reusable assets;
  • You-Get has a long-lasting partnership with an outsourcing partner in Vietnam, with certified IBM specialists deployed exclusively for You-Get.

Delta Lloyd/AAV reference

Delta Lloyd opted for You-Get to realise and achieve its strategic objectives, to work paperless and be location independent.
The process architecture designed for this purpose was developed using IBM BPM. The processes, which are automated, all have a direct link with the customer.
Improving the customer experience is the main point. In addition, there is a large amount of focus on user experience for employees.


The best BPM suite


You-Get specialises in the implementation of IBM BPM software. This solution is included in Gartner’s BPMS Magic Quadrant. That means it is among the best BPM suites in the world, which will help you be able to flexibly cope with radical changes.


With IBM at the table


You-Get participates in IBM’s Smarter Process Customer Advisory Council and the Early Design programme. This means we are involved with the development and product management organisation of IBM and are actively involved in the further development and optimisation of IBM BPM and IBM ODM. This provides You-Get with an indispensable amount of knowledge of the Smarter Process products, and also in regards to future developments.


Passion for sustainability


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the future. You-Get sees CSR as a process and we can help to optimise this process. We achieve this with our very own CSR Maturity application whereby you work towards CSR maturity in 5 steps.

Together with its partners, You-Get developed the CSR Monitor for implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility. Using self-selected targets and indicators, you can construct your own CSR Monitor. Actions and results can be registered with each indicator and within the main CSR themes (including consumer issues, fair trade, social responsibility, human rights and the environment). This makes the CSR Monitor the central point in the organisation where data relating to the CSR policy is collected and embedded.



IBM BPM enables effective design, implementation, monitoring and improvement for a vast amount of process applications: from straight through processing to dynamic, unstructured processes.

You-Get SPRINTer

The SPRINTer offers business control over simple and unstructured processes. Without IT intervention, you can easily create and structure processes, with flexibility and efficiency as the main objectives.


The You-Get APPTESTer is a specialised application that brings structure to your IBM BPM testing efforts. By recording test scenario’s and testcases, and performing these on each release, the quality of the testing work is guaranteed.


IBM Operational Decision Management offers control over business rules, events and operational decisions. IBM ODM facilitates a more efficient decision-making process and increases the organisation’s flexibility.

IBM BlueworksLive

IBM Blueworks Live is a user-friendly online process-modelling tool. Focussed on simplicity and collaboration, the tool delivers a major contribution when it comes to supporting process improvement within the organisation.

Organisations that already benefit from our solution:

Van Meijel

You-Get has realised the optimization and upgrade of IBM BPM for Van Meijel.


Vitens has chosen for IBM BPM software in order to optimize the processes in their Customer and Billing department.

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

De Hogeschool van Amsterdam has used The Process Cloud to use the You-Get SPRINTer to support classes in Business Process Analysis.

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