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The You-Get experts help you make the next stop towards process maturity



The first step towards continuous improvement and successful Business Process Management commitment is completely mapping the current situation. Once this has been defined, assessing and quantifying improvement opportunities will follow. You-Get supports its customers in this by quickly providing insight to processes and documenting them, and by indicating where optimisation opportunities lie and implementing them. In addition, client organisations receive a proper handover of the working methods and the structure of the process governance is provided.


You-Get has extensive experience in the field of BPM projects within various companies, helping them to take a more ‘process orientated’ approach towards the organisation. For this, You-Get advises and covers the implementation when it comes to setting up a BPM Center of Excellence, process improvement teams and other process roles. You-Get also provides advice on issues of quality management such as certification paths or conducting audits. Quality management is a proven tool in improving business whereby a proper policy often has a positive effect on market share, growth, sales margins, investments and compliance.

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You-Get 360º Business consultancy in 7 key points:


  • Clear advice about current process maturity;
  • Shorter routes with faster results;
  • Maintaining full control of all your business processes;
  • Active cooperation in order to achieve the best results;
  • Knowledge and experience in the application of BPM ‘best practices’;
  • Alignment to both the business and ICT side for optimal results;
  • The approach for the introduction of BPM within organisations is a proven approach.

VITENS reference

You-Get advised a BPM approach and implemented it in accordance with the self-devised 360˚ Business Services Approach. With this approach, a clear growth path is used on the dimensions of process management, strategy, culture, organisation, ICT and BPM Governance. This BPM approach is iteratively realised by means of advice, training, tools, methods and project management and has been successfully implemented by You-Get on numerous occasions. You-Get were also responsible for deploying the IBM BPM software.

#Customersatisfaction increased measurably

#Efficiency demonstrably increased




In the 360° approach, the focus is on all facets of your business. We look at processes, ICT & Systems, Strategy and culture, BPM Organisation & Governance and project management. This way all components grow evenly towards process maturity.



You-Get invests in its experts through our Human Capital programme. This provides them with the opportunity to continuously develop themselves, train and improve in the areas of leadership and learning & development. In doing so, the young talent of You-Get shine a spotlight on new technology and a new way of working for your organisation, reassuring you with the latest knowledge and the highest expertise.




Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the future. You-Get also sees CSR as a process and we can thereby help you optimise sustainability. Want to know how CSR-mature your organisation is? Then take our CSR maturity test.

360° Business Consultancy solutions

Project management

The BPM Services Approach™ is a proven approach where BPM and Agile/Scrum are successfully merged and where process-based project management and control are integrated. This can be combined with well-known project management techniques such as PRINCE2 or other methodologies.

Quick Scan

With the Quick Scan, we answer the question “where do you stand?” and “where do you begin?”. This way we can avoid any unwelcome surprises.

Change Management

When converting to a process-oriented organisation, a firm foundation of change management is required. You-Get has proven its methodology in several projects.



Organisations that already benefit from our solution:

ABN AMRO insurance

Delta Lloyd / ABN AMRO Insurance has chosen the You-Get 360º Business Consultancy Approach to realise its strategic goals of being able to work paperless and location independently.


By using the 360º Business Consultancy Approach, Vitens has realised its strategic goal of becoming the best service provider and in having the lowest operational costs per connection.

Delta Lloyd

By using the 360º Business Consultancy Approach Delta Lloyd has significantly approved the process customers use to request a life insurance policy. The process was adjusted to the demands of this day and age.

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